- Dividend Plays

Don't know about you but I am tired of dealing with this volatility in the markets. At the same time, not being in the stock markets, in this time and era of low interest rates, feels foolish.

So here are some decent dividend yielding companies that made sense to me for:
  • Relative stability throughout the year as the market plays out.
  • Putting my money to work, instead of inflation eroding it.
  1. Verizon (VZ) : With an annual dividend yield of about 4.36%, VZ is one of those companies that, I feel, is not going anywhere. Additionally, amongst the carriers in the US, it probably has the best customer service(yes, I know the bar here is pretty low), the strongest network, and future growth opportunity as it becomes the first to rollout 5G in the US
  2. AT&T (T) : With an annual dividend yield of about 5%, the same logic applies to AT&T. By numbers, T should be the better dividend play, but, IMHO, VZ is the better company.
In Consideration
  1. HSBC Holdings Plc (HSBC)
  2. Frontier Communications (FTR)
More coming so you might want to bookmark this page. Additionally check out this awesome site for dividends: Dogs of the Dow.

Disclosure: I have long positions in VZ and T.